Despite bad weather, negligence can still play a role — Remembering Atlanta’s Snowpacolypse

The Northerners love laughing at us when it comes to how we deal with snow. Yes, the city basically shuts down for the slightest of inches. However, we all know that driving around Atlanta in bad weather is no laughing matter. Furthermore, you might find yourself in the courtroom as the named defendant in a civil suit if you’re not careful.

In Georgia, drivers have a legal obligation to drive safely, especially when the weather causes hazardous road conditions. While operating a vehicle under extreme conditions, like Atlanta’s Snowpacolypse in 2014, it is important that you take additional precaution. Otherwise, you may be acting negligently.

Imagine being cited for violating OCGA § 4-6-180 (driving too fast for conditions) for failing to adjust your speed on wet or icy roads. We recommend that you do not rely solely on your car’s safety features; that you maintain a further distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you; and that you prep your car for the poor weather conditions—ensuring that windows are defrosted and windshield wipers are working properly.

We believe that taking such precaution will decrease the chances of being seated at the defendant’s table in a case for one of our clients. #wemakethempay!

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