10 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Are your kids trick or treating this year? If so, there are a number of tips and safety precautions that you can take as parents and property owners to ensure that your neighborhood’s children are safe. If a person is injured while on your property in Georgia, you may be liable as you are responsible for keeping your property safe. We all know that accidents do happen. However, we have a few suggestions and safety tips to keep it safe and fun for the children.

1. Ensure that your child’s costume fits well to avoid serious injury by limiting the potential for tripping.

2. Keep your property well lit and remove any objects from your porches, driveways, etc. that may potentially cause harm to an unsuspecting young visitor.

3. Ensure that your children walk on the sidewalks (no running) in groups to other well lit homes and cross streets at the corner only.

4. Walk with a lightweight flashlight, glow sticks, and/or reflective tape so drivers can see everyone instantly.

5. Do not use candles or open flames near your property as some costumes are pretty flammable.

6. Keep your pets secure and away from the young visitors.

7. Limit your social media sharing if you’re away that night. Burglars have been known to take advantage of this on Halloween.

8. Talk to kids about safety and map out your path in case of an emergency.

9. Talk to your kids about the dangers of eating candy before you are able to inspect it all first.

10. Keep cellphones fully charged in case of an emergency.